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Our Biochemical Society By: L. Ron Hubbard

      The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress--drugs and other biochemical substances. These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.

      That's the situation today.

      We live in a biochemical society.

      By biochemical is meant "the interaction of life forms and chemical substances."

      Detoxification would be the action of removing a poison or a poisonous effect from something (such as from one's body.)

      Unfortunately, the current environment is becoming permeated with these life-hostile elements. Drugs, radioactive wastes, pollutants and chemical agents of various types are all a part of the scene and, apparently, more and more prevalent as time goes on.

      To briefly point out certain data regarding those substances which pose a threat to individuals and to society at large will bring the biochemical situation more clearly into focus.

      Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our current culture is drugs.

      The acceleration of widespread use of drugs such as LSD, heroin, cocaine, "angel dust", marijuana and a long list of others has contributed heavily to a debilitated society. Reportedly, some of these can cause brain and nerve damage. Marijuana, for example, so favored by college students who are supposed to be getting bright today so they can be the executives of tomorrow, has been reported capable of causing brain atrophy. Even school children have been shoved into drugs. And children of drug-taking mothers have been born as druggies.


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